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Darth Vader ring. Haha.

Darth Vader ring. Haha.

Beach. Good life. With @xyrillcruz XRC Company Outing here at Boracay! :) (at Station 2, Boracay)

Beach. Good life. With @xyrillcruz XRC Company Outing here at Boracay! :) (at Station 2, Boracay)

Beauty. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒ…โœˆ #nofilter #travel

Beauty. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒ…โœˆ #nofilter #travel

// SM Men’s Fashion. Philippine Fashion Week//

DEFINE LUCKY!haha.So last Wednesday Jessica and I attended the Philippine Fashion Week — SM Men’s Fashion, special thanks to SM-Youth for giving me free tickets for the show!ย 


So aside from being lucky for winning the tickets, we were so lucky during the show as well! HAHA! We arrived at the venue and we saw a long line going to the entrance so we really felt that we can’t have good seats for the show. THANK YOU to this random usher who offered us better seats! 4th row, BUT STILL!hahaone row away from the VIP seats, NOT BAD AT ALL. It was my first time to watch Philippine Fashion Week so sorry for the “barriotic” attitude HAHAHA! kidding.

Interesting comeback of the Camouflage!

The part of the show that really caught my attention, I loved the colors and the prints.

And of course the designers! Congratulations for a very successful event!

I’m so happy that finally I was able to watch at the Philippine Fashion Week and it’s the Men’s fashion show!

WHAT I WORE: Denim Jacket from Giordano, Mint Vertical Stripe Buttondown from Penguin. Brown Skinny Pants from Cotton On and Brown Brogues fromStefanno Rossi

With my lovely date, Jessica Viray of Armed with Style.

Nagka-studio bigla sa bahay?! HAHAHAH! Will take a Family picture today! :)

Nagka-studio bigla sa bahay?! HAHAHAH! Will take a Family picture today! :)

Oh it’s happiness. Making memories #college #love #life #friends EMC1 โค (Taken with Instagram)

Oh it’s happiness. Making memories #college #love #life #friends EMC1 โค (Taken with Instagram)

"REFUSE SILENCE" #SayNoToCyberCrimeLaw  (Taken with Instagram)

"REFUSE SILENCE" #SayNoToCyberCrimeLaw (Taken with Instagram)

// Errands //

That day, I did a lot of things. School, work, meetings, etc. Casual look for the day, I just have to put on the black jacket to neutralize that horizontal effect of the top, which will make me look bigger with the black jacket. It’s so fulfilling to finish a very hectic day, it’s like an achievement for me!

Awesome find from the Zara Sale. One of my comfy-shoes.

What I’m Wearing: Black Jacket, Oleg Cassini. Stripes Shirt from Topman. Pants and Shoes from Zara. Bag from Louis Vuitton.

// Dare Denim: Bringing back the past.//

Denim became so popular when we were like…part of our parents’ imagination?haha!It all became part of our parents’ or even our lolo and lola’s fashion. Well guess what? It’s our turn!!! It’s our turn to give it a take and somehow giveDenima little twist with our modern touch (for lack of a better word).

Okay, I got a little obsessed with Denim (OA pala nung obsessed) haha I found like 2 denim vests and this denim jacket on my closet plus some denim polos? LOL.

My brother, Xerex and I giving our twist on the denim fashion. This is a bit funny because we did not plan to wear denim that day. PROMISE. haha!

Denim Jacket X Denim Polo = DARE DENIM.

For some reason, I liked the mix of the shirt with the denim jacket, maybe because it complimented the colors.ย  Anyway, mainit talaga nung time na yan sooo, sorry for the face. LOL. Take it as part of the… pose? HAHAHAHA!

Turned the bandana into an arm accent. HAHA!

What I’m Wearing: Stripe Shirt,Skinny Carrot Pants fromTopman.Denim Jacket,Zara.Gold Calculator Watch,Casio.Shoes fromSperry Topsiders.

This is the camouflage shirt he bought fromย Zara.ย He fell in love with it when he saw it, hindi napigilan bilin! LOL.

On Xerex: Denim buttondown, Camouflage shirt fromZara,Gray pants,H&M.Loafers fromZara.ย Aviator Shades,Ray-ban.

DISCLAIMER: I’m one year older than my brother, Xerex okay? HAHAHA!ย  I’m 19 and he’s 18 (obviously :| ) HAHA!

Add us up! :)

Instagram: xavieryulcruz ; xerexcruz

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-Xavier and Xerex Cruz.

#accessories @jessnothinless and I ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ #fashion #watch #casio #gold #black #coolness #photooftheday  (Taken with Instagram)

#accessories @jessnothinless and I ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ #fashion #watch #casio #gold #black #coolness #photooftheday (Taken with Instagram)

This blog will be filled with extraordinary events in my life. Mostly about fashion, watch out! This blog will be filled with outfit posts from me and my brother, Xerex as well as fun-filled day and exciting things to share. 19 years old Entrepreneurial Student from UA&P. My brother, Xerex, 18 Years old student from Enderun College. I love Music, fashion, food, and living life to the fullest.